DIY: Customizing Your Own Large Jute Rug for a Personal Touch


Jute rugs are aesthetic, classy and very user-friendly. Due to their versatile material and neutral shade, they can fit anywhere to bring out a great contrast. Whether it is a pure, plain jute rug or one mixed with silk, polyester, and other modern materials, it always makes a perfect theme. And what’s more, it is easy to work with. With some DIY ideas, get onto the journey of decorating your space with your jute rug. It would be fun and also easy on your pockets. A large Jute rug is perfect for your outdoor decor, is durable, and goes very well with the elements of nature. Here are some brilliant ideas for DIY 8×10 area rugs.

A Round Large Jute Rug

The easiest to make in this list is this round, large jute rug. It would resemble a radiating circle with loops one around the other. This contemporary, basic design is done in no time, and you become the owner of a large jute rug that spreads beauty through its radiating loops.

How to Make a Round Jute Rug?

You will need a long rope, some good-quality glue, and gloves. First, cover your hands with gloves, as you will use  a strong glue. Now, twisting the loop at one end and rotating it, proceed to make a small circle. Use some glue along the rope’s sides to stick and hold the circle in place. Continue this action. You go on further looping it around the circle, thus wrapping up the full rope to follow a round pattern. You can mark the size for making these 8×10 area rugs using a thread and match your rug with it. Once you reach the size, you are done. Afterwards, leave it to dry overnight.

A Vibrant Bohemian Rug

You could keep it plain. Or, you could paint some strokes of colours around alternating loops. You could also paint them in between two or more alternate loops. This will give a radiating pattern and expand your space.

Next on the list is a vibrant Bohemian jute rug. The boho style is in much vogue. You will need two or more old doormats, jute ropes, some glue, paints and threads, and a stencil with a geometrical design.

Ways to Do It:

Start by placing a doormat on a table. Or you could tape more than one to match the size of 8×10 area rugs. With the help of glue, start sticking the rope in parallel lines along each other. Pull them from end to end. This large jute rug would look even more amazing with fringes. To achieve this, while cutting the ropes at the end, leave a few inches of rope beyond the ends. Now, let the rug dry overnight. Next morning, you will have some fun with patterns and colours. Use a thick dark-coloured thread to tie up the loose ends of the rope and give the rug a nice outline. Repeat the act of tying to make a thick outline along the ends of the rug. Now to finish the fringes, further tear up the ends of the rope into thin strands. Next, take up a beautiful Boho design. Keep some colors ready. Place a stencil with a design you choose on the rug. Then, dab on the colours with a thick brush. We recommend a rectangular geometrical pattern. Remove the stencil very carefully in order to not spill any colours. Let this dry overnight. This one of the 8×10 area rugs leaves an end result that is striking, and eye-catching. This large jute rug will truly liven up your space.

A Decorative Artistic Rug

Another idea for a very artistic rug with intricate looks will scoop up some of your time. The creative satisfaction though, will be great for sure.

Ways to Do It:

For this you will need jute ropes, glue, hand gloves, and a needle and thread for sewing. Make a circle by pressing one end of the rope with your finger and rotating it around the center. Continue this to create a circular loop further. Take this up to the size of 3 to 4 inches and not more. Now comes the twist. In this design, we will make many small circles of different sizes separately and sew them together. So, place all the circles in a pattern and sew the ends by their sides to make a big rug. To mark the size of the final rug, you can use a thread and mark a 8×10 feet boundary. Fit this interesting jute rug within this boundary.. You can paint the circles in different colours to create colour combinations. Placed on the floor or hung on the wall, it looks lovely.

For sure, any one pick from these DIY ideas would make you the proud owner of your own piece of the 8×10 area rugs; your own creation. Enjoy the process in your own space. If you want ready-made ones, visit the online website Miss Amara with many options. They have the most modern and stylish jute rugs.

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